Syria’s internal opposition parties reject Riyadh Meeting

On December 9, most of Syrian internal opposition parties and groups held a meeting in the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus.

Participants from about 50 opposition licensed parties and other factions held a gathering in Damascus on the same day, other 110 Syrian external opposition representatives are meeting in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

Some opposition figures addressed speeches which tackled the political process to bring about an end of the crisis in Syria and expressed their rejection of the foreign affiliated Riyadh opposition meeting.

Most of speakers said that the internal Syrian opposition figures are represent the real Syrian opposition not those ‘ who sit in Riyadh’.

Mahmoud Marai, the Secretary General of the Damascus –based opposition National Democratic Action Committee in Syria said to Syria Times:

“ The Syrian internal opposition leaders and figures reject any role of Saudi Arabia in organizing any meeting. How we can accept any role of Saudi Arabia which is sponsoring terrorist groups in Syria and fueling the war.”

Shukri Shekhani, a member in the Syrian Coordination Commission, led by Hassan Abudlazim who is participating in the Riyadh meeting, announced his decision to stop his membership in the Commission because its participation in the Riyadh meeting.

Shekhani said to Syria Times: “ Each participant in the Riyadh meeting is a traitor”.

Most speakers accused Saudi Arabia of sponsoring the terrorist groups in Syria. So, it cannot organize an opposition meeting to put an end of the crisis in Syria.

Diplomats from China, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Venezuela, Sudan, Check and others attended the meeting.

Daowd Kalantry, an Iranian political advisor gave a speech in the meeting, he said: “ We respect the Syrians’ demands and any solution in Syria should be Syrian one. Iran rejects the military solution. The most priority is compact terrorism and its financial sources.”

Participants issued a conclusion statement which called to launch a political process to finish terrorism and achieve stability and security in Syria.

The participants also agreed to send a letter to the United Nation Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura which includes their candidate names to represent the Syrian internal opposition to participate in any political process.


Obiada al-Mohammad, Syria Times field reporter