American Delegation Visits Syria, Discusses Work Aiming at Lifting US Economic Sanctions

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Minister of Justice Najm Hamad al-Ahmad and a high ranking American media and security delegation have discussed the situation in Syria and the region in addition to the achievements made by the Syrian Arab Army in its battle against fundamentalist terrorist organizations backed by western and some Arab intelligence bodies.

 The two sides agreed to work together with the purpose of lifting the US economic sanctions as a first step towards resuming diplomatic ties between Syria and the United States and rebuilding mutual confidence at the public and official levels.

Talks also focused on the negative role played by some western and Arab media in misleading the world public opinion by broadcasting lies about what is really going on in Syria within the framework of the psychological war waged by the political system which supports and finance terrorism.

On their part, members of the American delegation believed that political settlement in Syria has become so close and that the Syrian leadership and people will emerge victorious from the crisis following five years of confrontation with terrorism to start reconstruction in the country and to get the displaced people back to their homeland.

Hamda Mustafa