ِLahham to French delegation: States hostile to Syria must review their stances

A French delegation arrived in Syria last Saturday to express solidarity with the Syrian people and to have an idea about the Syrian people's needs and the mechanism of protecting the cultural heritage in the country.

The delegation, which is composed of Members of Parliament and journalists, visited Lattakia city and some historic and archeological sites in Homs province before coming to the capital [Damascus].

In Damascus, the delegation met the Speaker of the People's Assembly [Parliament] Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham and the Minister of Health Nizar Yazegi.

The Speaker told the French delegation that it is time to recognize the failure of western policies and its way of dealing with the Takfiri terrorism that hit the region's states.

"Members of Parliament have a key role in correcting the political stances of some states that serve Terrorists," al-Lahham said, adding that Syria will remain an example of co-existence and tolerance .

Wrong western policies

He, in addition, clarified that the flow of immigrants from some states of the region to Europe is the expected result of the wrong western policies and the blatant intervention to change regimes and governments by force.

" The continuity of wars and chaos and not controlling borders will increase the number terrorists in Syria and in the region and will have negative impacts on Europe  as a lot of terrorists return back to it," al-Lahham said.

"Today, Syria is more open to cooperate with every honest international and regional efforts based on respecting Syria's sovereignty," the Speaker added, indicating that the Syrian Arb army, which achieves victories in several areas nationwide, determines to restore peace and stability to the homeland.  

He called on all states hostile to the Syrian state to review their stances before the fire of terrorism engulfs them.

French air strikes on ISIS in Syria contradict UN charter

Asked about the French air strikes against ISIS terrorists in Syria, al-Lahham replied that this act contradicts the international law and the UN charter because it is not done in coordination with the legitimate Syrian government.

"The West must realize that the change of regime in Syria is unaccepted by the Syrian people, who have the right of self-determination far away from foreign intervention," the Speaker said.

On his part, Head of the Syrian-French Friendship delegation  MP Gerar Babt expressed admiration over Syrian people's insistence to rehabilitate schools and infrastructures damaged by terrorists.

"We will tell the social, scientific and religious dignitaries in France about all ideas and notes we have received during the visit to Syria," he said.

The French delegation also met the committees of National Reconciliation and the Arab and Foreign Affairs in the Parliament and it was briefed on the current economic and social situations in the light of the terror war on Syria.

Earlier today, the Minister of Health received the delegation and briefed it on the damages in heath sector and the negative effects of the unjust economic blockade on Syria.  

On February 25, President Bashar al-Assad received a French Senate delegation led by Senator Jean Pierre Vial who is also the head of the French-Syrian Friendship Committee at the Senate.

Talks zeroed in on the French-Syrian relations and the challenges facing the Arab region and Europe particularly because of the spread of terrorism.

Basma Qaddour