Syrian army destroys ISIS car bombs east of Palmyra, inflicts big losses on terrorists in Aleppo

PROVINCES,(ST)_Syrian army has destroyed several ISIS vehicle bombs east of Palmyra city and has inflicted heavy losses on terrorist organizations in Aleppo, military sources confirmed Monday.

The sources said that Syrian warplanes bombed  today morning ISIS groupings on Palmyra-Sekhneh road- about 160 km far away from Homs city- destroying several vehicles and tanks loaded with explosives.

The same province witnessed clashes between an army unit and an armed terrorist group infiltrated into the outskirts of military posts south of Taldo city, about 20km  north-west  of Homs city.

The clashes ended with killing and injuring all the terrorist group's members, a military source said, adding that army units targeted al-Nusra Front groupings in al-Rastan and al-Ghanto towns in the northern countryside of Homs.

Moving towards the north of the country, army units inflicted heavy losses on terrorist organizations in al-Sereyeh and al-Wdehi towns in the southern countryside of Aleppo and killed many terrorists in the eastern countryside of the province and in several quarters in the city of Aleppo.

While in southern Daraa province, army units eliminated all members of a terrorist group in a concentrated operation in al-Noemeh  town, about 4 km east of Daraa city.

Israeli attack on Quneitra 

In another devilment, the Beirut-base al-Mayadeen Television channel said yesterday that Israel fired 4 rockets on sites for Syrian army in Quneitra countryside two hours after Syrian army units foiled terrorist groups' attack on army's sites on the outskirts of Khan Arnabeh and Hadar towns.   

Basma Qaddour