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Mortar round falls on minibus in Damascus, killing 2

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Terrorist organizations fired a mortar round from Jobar quarter on al-Adawi quarter in Damascus, killing 2 persons and wounding 5 others on Monday.

The mortar round fell on a minibus near the 'Dar al-Shefa'a ' Hospital in the said quarter, according to a police command.

Local social media posted the photo of the minibus which was hit by the mortar.

Yesterday, 4 persons were wounded when a mortar round landed near the 'al-Sheikh Reslan' Mosque in the Historic Bab Toums quarter in the capital [Damascus].

The US, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Israel support terrorist organizations, including the so-called the 'armed moderate opposition',  that daily perpetrate crimes against people in Syria, according to world media reports.

Basma Qaddour