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Terror attacks kill 2 in Homs and Damascus cities

PROVINCES,(ST)_Terrorist organizations fired Sunday two rockets plus a mortar shell on Homs and Damascus cities, killing at least 2 persons and wounding over 5 others, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency quoted a source in Homs city as saying that  terrorists fired two rockets on Ekrema an d Wadi al-Dahab quarters in the city, killing 2 persons and wounding a third one.

4 more persons were wounded when a mortar shell, fired by terrorists, hit the historic Bab Touma quarter in Damascus, according to a police command source.

The source added that two children aged 12-13 were among the person wounded in the terror attack on Bab Touma.

The Us, France, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar,  Jordan and Israel support terrorist organizations, including the so-called the 'armed moderate opposition', which perpetrate daily crimes in Syria, according to world media reports.

Basma Qaddour