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Army establishes control over areas in Hama and Homs, destroys a 350 m tunnel in al-Zabadani

Provinces – Army units established Wednesday full control over a village in Hama, eliminated scores of the Takfiri terrorist organizations’ members and destroyed one of their tunnel in al-Zabadani in Damascus Countryside.


Army units, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, established full control over Khirbet al-Naqous village in the northern countryside of the central Hama province after eliminating the terrorists’ positions to the last one there, a military source said on Wednesday.


Four vehicles equipped with machineguns, a cannon and a tractor belonging to the terrorists were destroyed during the army operations, in addition to destroying amounts of arms and ammunition.

The army also seized two other cannons and a bulldozer.

On July 6th, the army retook the towns of al-Ramleh, al-Msheirfeh, al-Karim and Qabr Fidda in the northern countryside of the province.

Meanwhile, scores of ISIS terrorists were killed and their vehicles destroyed near Ibn Wardan Palace, 60 km east of Hama.


Army units, backed by the air force, established control on al-Heer al-Gharbi Palace and Beer al-Mur in Homs countryside in an operation that started yesterday overnight and lasted until Wednesday afternoon.

Several terrorists were killed and others injured during the operation while scores fled to the desert.

Elsewhere in Palmyra countryside, army units aided by popular defense groups destroyed vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns in al-Mashtal, Bir Abu Tawala, Marhatan and near al-Busairi checkpoint in Homs countryside.

Al-Zabadani, Damascus Countryside

Army units killed a number of terrorists and destroyed their arms and ammunition during concentrated operations against their dens and gatherings in Khan al-Sheih, Zakieh and Bait Jen in southwestern countryside of Damascus.

Another army unit eliminated all members of a terrorist group who were trying to sneak from the area surrounding the Cultural Center towards al-Silan rotary in al-Zabadani city.

Earlier, field sources told SANA that army engineering units and the Lebanese Resistance destroyed  a 350 m long tunnel to the south of al-Zabadani.

The tunnel, which was located in Tal’et al-Wazir area and dug underneath al-Zabadani-Madaya  highway, linked the southern groves of al-Zabadani with Boukein area in the southeastern parts  of the city. It was used for transporting weapons and ammunition into the city.

The army and the Lebanese Resistance were advancing in the area as they managed to isolate al-Zabadani city from its surroundings in the Southern part after cutting off the main road  linking it with Madaya town.

In the same context, a military source said at least 5 terrorists were killed on Hasbeh road in al-Zabadani plains.

An army unit completely destroyed a terrorists’ hideout at al-Silan roundabout in central al- Zabadani city, while another unit destroyed a terrorists’ hideout, killing all those inside it, in al-Zabadani plain.

In the southwestern countryside of Damascus, army units targeted terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings in Mughr al-Mir and the Western farms of al-Deir Khabiyeh town.


In northeastern Syria, an army unit destroyed two car bombs of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria  (ISIS) terrorists to the south of Hasaka city.

The bombs were destroyed on the outskirts of al-Zuhour neighborhood before ISIS terrorists  managed to detonate them, field sources told SANA on Tuesday.

The sources added that the army units, aided by the national forces supporting them, destroyed  several ISIS vehicles with terrorists in al-Meilabiyeh village in southern Hasaka province, in addition to destroying 6 other vehicles in al- Nashwa al-Gharbiyeh neighborhood.

Since its assault started few weeks ago, ISIS tried to infiltrate Hasaka city by using car bombs.

Field reports say that ISIS blew up at least 20 car bombs, most of them had been rigged in al -Shaddadi city that has turned into a main base for ISIS.


Army units fired intensively on gatherings of terrorists and their hideouts in the towns of Kafr Shams and al-Mismiyeh in al-Sanamin area in the northern countryside of the southern province of Daraa. Many terrorists were killed and their weapons and ammunition were destroyed.

Another army unit killed scores of terrorists and injured others in Atman town, about 5 km north of Daraa city, while other units targeted terrorist hideouts in the towns of al-Yadouda, Zamrin, and al-Hara in the northwestern part of the province, killing and injuring a number of terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammo.

In Daraa al-Balad neighborhood in the city, an army unit killed and injured a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in al-Nazihin Camp and to the south of the Shoes Factory, in addition to destroying a rocket launcher for the terrorists, while another unit intercepted the movements of a terrorist group between al-Abbasiyeen area and al-Sadd road, killing all the group’s members, most of whom were from Jabhat al-Nusra, and destroying their weapons and ammo.

In the eastern countryside of Daraa province, the army killed and injured dozens of terrorists and destroyed their weapons and ammunition in the village of al-Nueimeh.


Army units targeted hideouts of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra, “Fajr al-Islam Brigade” and “Al-Furqan Brigades” terrorist groups in the village of al-Braiqa in Quneitra countryside, inflicting losses in personnel and equipment on them.

The army’s artillery also targeted dens of terrorists and their gatherings in al-Ajraf and Um batneih in Quneitra eastern countryside, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their vehicles and munitions.


In the neighboring Sweida province, a number of ISIS terrorists were killed and a mortar launcher and several

vehicles equipped with machineguns were destroyed as an army unit targeted their hideouts and

positions in al-Qasr village, according to the military source.

Another army unit clashed with ISIS terrorists moving from the direction of Khirbet Saad towards Tal al-Bouthaina, killing scores of them and injuring others, in addition to destroying their arms and ammunition.


A number of terrorists were killed and others were injured in army air strikes in Shalaf village in the northern countryside of Lattakia. The Egyptian Abdul-Qader al-Qaradawi was identified among the dead.

The Army Air Force destroyed dens and vehicles for terrorist organizations in Kansaba and Ain al-Khadra in Lattakia countryside.


The army’s air force destroyed dens for terrorists in Binish, Taftanaz, Kastoun in Idleb countryside, killing a number of terrorists.

Earlier, the army air force also destroyed dens for Jaish al-Fateh (Al-Fateh Army) in al-Ter’a, Tal Salmo and Abu al-Duhour 50 km east of Idleb city, killing and wounding a number of terrorists and destroying vehicles equipped with machineguns.

The army air force also pounded Jabhat al-Nusra dens in Jannet al-Qura and Ain Larouz in Jisr al-Shughour area and in Ariha city, killing several terrorists.


An army unit targeted terrorists’ hideouts in the neighborhoods of the Old City, al-Lairamoun, and al-Rashedin in Aleppo city, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their arms and equipment, a military source told SANA.

In the northern countryside of Aleppo province, army units carried out concentrated operations against terrorists’ dens and supply lines in Anadan, on the Alepp/AinTab international hightway, and al-Bab 38 km to the north of Aleppo city, which resulted in killing many terrorists and destroying a number of their machinegun-equipped vehicles.

Another army units killed many terrorists and destroyed their arms and ammunition in the vicinity of the Scientific Research Center, Khan al-Assal and al-Mansoura village 10km west of Aleppo city.

In the eastern countryside of the province, an army unit destroyed vehicles equipped with machineguns and killed a number of ISIS terrorists in the vicinity of the Air Force Academy.