Leaked Correspondence Reveals Zionist Officer Recruited Agents to Coordinate Support for Terrorists

BEIRUT, (ST) - Leaked cables have revealed that an Israeli occupation officer has recruited some agents and spies in Lebanon and Syria in order to coordinate military and financial support for terrorist takfiri groups in Syria.

In an article titled “Israel Leaks”, the Lebanese “al-Akhbar” newspaper reported on Wednesday that the leaked Israeli liaison officer’s correspondence with an agent called Mandi al-Safadi confirm that Israel was depending on Lebanese agents to hold meetings with “Syrian opposition” representatives in Istanbul, Bucharest and the United States and to coordinate its support for the terrorist organizations.


According to the newspaper, the Israeli intelligence officer Moti Kahana has had active contacts with several other Lebanese and Syrian agents, including women, to recruit them as to smuggle weapons into the hands of terrorist groups in Syria.

Hamda Mustafa