ISIS crimes in Yarmouk camp close door before political settlement, necessitate security solution - Majdalani

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Executive Committee Ahmad Majdadali has asserted that the ISIS crimes in the Palestinian Refugees camp of al –Yarmouk closed the door before political settlement and imposed security solution.

He added that the ISIS-linked terrorists seek to make aL-Yarmouk camp, which lies about 9km south of the heart of Damasus, a base for their aggression on the camp and outside it.

His remarks came during a press conference held today in the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus.

“About 35% of al-Yarmouk camp is under the Syrian state control,” the Palestinian official confirmed, indicating that there is a joint military operation center run by the Syrian forces and the Palestinian military groups operating inside the camp to fight terrorists and to liberate the camp.

90 members of the ‘Aknaf Bait al-Maqdes’ under Syrian state’s protection   

He affirmed that 90 members of the ‘Aknaf Bait al-Maqdes’ [Hamas arm in Yarmouk camp] plus their leader Mohammad Zaghmout are under the Syrian state’s protection.

“Mohammad Zahmout was conveyed to an area near Yalda suburb south of Damascus after he received a medical treatment in the Damascus Hospital,” Majdalani said, pointing out that some of the ‘Aknaf Bait al-Maqdes’’s members joined the ISIS and the al-Nusra Front.

Moreover, the Palestinian official stressed that the security solution will take into consideration protecting the lives of people, who are still living in the camp, and there will be no massive destruction for the camp.

As many as 17.500 Palestinian and Syrian persons were living inside the camp before the aggression of ISIS on it. “5.500 of them were Syrians and they came to the camp from nearby suburbs.”

“We have agreed with the Syrian government to go ahead with offering aid to al-Yarmouk people and ensuring a safe exit to the people, who want to leave the camp,” Majdalani said, noting that 2000 persons were evacuated from the camp and they are living in temporary shelters in Zahera area.

He reiterated that the main goal of targeting the Palestinian refugees camps in Syria by terrorist organizations is to abort the Palestinian refugees’ right of return.

On April 1, hundreds of terrorists affiliated to the ISIS [Its Arabic acronym is Daesh] entered the camp of Yarmouk in collusion with terrorists affiliated to the al-Nusra Front to abort a local reconciliation deal that was due to be signed on Friday. 

Clashes continue among terrorist organizations inside Yarmouk camp

Reported by: Basma Qaddour / Ibrahim Zaaboub