Clashes continue among terrorist organizations inside Yarmouk camp

DAMASCUS,(ST)-Clashes have continued between the ISIS and al-Nusra Front on the one hand and other armed terrorist organizations on the other inside al-Yarmouk camp in Damascus, the official news agency SANA confirmed today.

The agency indicated that there are no Syria army units inside the terrorists-held camp.

Syrian army units have surrounded the camp since the armed terrorist organizations captured it in 2013.

Two days ago, hundreds of terrorists affiliated to the ISIS [Its Arabic acronym is Daesh] entered the Palestinian refugees camp of Yarmouk in collusion with terrorists affiliated to the al-Nusra Front to abort a local reconciliation deal that was due to be signed on Friday.

Yesterday, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry appealed to the United Nation Security Council to press Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and Jordan, which support and finance the terrorists inside the camp, to get them out of it in order to save the lives of Palestinian persons there.

Basma Qaddour