Syrian army retakes oil field in Palmyra, kills ISIS Wali in central region

PROVINCES,(ST)_Syrian army has recaptured the al-Jazil oil field in Palmyra countryside and has eliminated ISIS wali, or governor, in the central region, military sources confirmed Saturday.

A military source told the official news agency (SANA) that army units eliminated all ISIS terrorist groupings in the al-Jazil oil field, which lies north-west of Palmyra, and recaptured the filed.

A quantity of weapons belong to the ISIS terrorists were confiscated in the area, the source added.

The recapture of the oil field comes a day after army units in cooperation with popular defense groups had killed dozens of terrorists linked to the ISIS [Its Arabic acronym is Daesh] on the outskirt of the same field.

Abo Sohaib al-Balgeki and Abo al-Ez al-Yamani were among the terrorists killed yesterday on the outskirts of the al-Jazil oil field .

The ISIS organization steals Syrian oil and sells it through Turkish brokers with direct support from Erdogan regime in a blatant violation of the U.N. resolution No. 2199.

In another development, army units destroyed a hideout of al-Nusra Front ringleaders in al-Sa'en town in Talbeseh area in the northern countryside of Homs and wounded dozens of terrorists and wiped out an arms cache belonging to them in al-Ghajar farms and al-Rastan area in the same province.

Dozens of terrorists' cars destroyed in airstrike

While in the eastern countryside of Hama, Syrian warplanes destroyed dozens of cars belonging to terrorists and killed ISIS Wali, or governor, dubbed Abo Amar al-Jezrawi, in Hamadi Omar area.

There were also intensified strikes against terrorist organizations in al-Latamneh and Kafr Zeita towns in the northwestern countryside of Hama and in towns of al- Mstriha, al-Qastal, Salbeh, Tahmaz and Eqirbat in the same province.

Scores of terrorists died in the strikes.

Further terrorists were killed and injured in today's operations in several areas outside Daraa, Sweida, Quneitra and Idlib.

Basma Qaddour