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Moscow Consultative Meeting: Syrian Government, Five Opposition Parties Agree on Moscow Principles

MOSCOW-The Syrian government delegation as well as five opposition parties and figures participating in Moscow Consultative meeting have agreed on Moscow Principles.

The so-called opposition coalition-backed Coordination Commission rejected the principles.


Here is the text of Moscow Principles:

Over the past four years, Syria witnessed the spread of unprecedented wave of terrorism that victimized tens of thousands of people in Syria and caused suffering to millions. Terrorists and extremists from all over the world were sent to Syria to promote takfiri thinking and impose new style of life which is very strange to the Syrian society.

The Syrian economic and social infrastructure, built over the past decades by the Syrians’ efforts, in addition to the country’s cultural heritage have been the target of the terrorists’ acts of looting, stealing and destruction.

On this basis, all national peaceful parties in the Syrian society and all national people should adopt decisive procedures to make a change in the situation as soon as possible.

In this context, it is necessary to set political principles for Inter-Syrian-national dialogue without preconditions that help the Syrians settle urgent national issues.

Such principles include:

1-    Preserving the sovereignty, unity, independence and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic.

2-Fighting all forms of terrorism and coordinating efforts to combat terrorists and extremists in the Syrian land.

3-Settlening the crisis peacefully on the basis of Geneva Statement issued on June 30 in 2012.

4- Deciding Syria’s future based on free expression and democracy.

5- Rejecting any foreign intervention in Syria’s affairs.

6- Maintaining the army and armed forces as a symbol of national unity and preserving the state’s institutions.

7- Preserving the sovereignty of law, respecting the participle of citizenship and enhancing the principle that all citizens are equal before the law.

8- Rejecting any form of foreign armed forces existence in Syria without the approval of the Syrian government.

Representatives of the Syrian government and opposition delegations on Thursday resumed their consultations in Moscow.

According to Russian sources, every small group of opposition figures is to present its own paper as no agreement has been reached so far on a common paper representing the stances of all the opposition figures.

Reports from Moscow indicate that there is almost an agreement on the continuity of consultations in Moscow, but no date was fixed for this purpose. 

Several meetings were held yesterday within the framework of Moscow Consultative meeting.

The Syrian official delegation criticized the opposition for not mentioning the Israeli main role in the political scene in their presentations. It also blamed the opposition for not referring to the conspiring and destructive role of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in Syria.

Head of the Syrian delegation to Moscow consultations, Bashar al-Jaafari said that “this consultative meeting shouldn’t be a propaganda event” and that “those who want to take part in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue away from foreign intervention are welcomed in Damascus.”

 “The Syrian government views the national opposition as a partner in the process of Syrian-Syrian dialogue, which needs sincere and concerted efforts to restore security and stability to Syria,” Al-Jaafari clarified.

He pointed out the participation of the government’s delegation in Moscow meetings came to establish a ground for inter-Syrian dialogue to be held in Damascus based on the Syrian national principles mainly respecting the national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Hamda Mustafa