Omani Embassy in Damascus Celebrates National-Day

DAMASCUS, (ST) _ Marking National Day 44th anniversary , the Omani Embassy in Damascus yesterday held a reception at Damascus Dama-rose hotel.

The ceremony was attended by parliament speaker , Mohammad Jihad al-Laham , senior Baath party officials, Ministers of Finance and social Affairs and Labor , deputy expatriates and foreign affairs minister Faisal Miqdad , and other officials concerned.


In a statement to reporters Miqdad stressed that Syria has always been , the home of all Arabs , celebrating national events for all Arab countries, and always contributed to the independence of many of them, , noting that celebrating Omani National-day in Damascus, is also of great means for Syria and the people Syrian.

"I seize this occasion to extend greetings to the brothers in the Omani leadership , especially to His Majesty the Sultan and wishes him to return to the homeland safe and sound , as Arab countries need such leaders, especially in hard times." Miqdad underscored.

Miqdad noted the significance of the celebration in demonstrating the true awareness and attitudes of the brothers in the Sultanate towards the events taking place in Syria and the region in general, and to that that relations between Syria and Oman, have been always to the required level.

For his part, the Omani charge de affaires in Damascus Damen Bin Rajab al-Habashi stressed that , " relations with Syria had not been interrupted, and our policy is fixed and has no change except for the better, “ adding that Oman always views Syria as a big sisterly country , to maintain good relations between our countries and that Oman is with inter- Syrian dialogue for restoring back Syria’s security and stability.

“It is a grace to celebrate our national day in Syria and proud to be here among our Syrian friends and brothers ,” he noted, reiterating that Oman will always remain in the heart of, Syria, which is now experiencing good conditions.

T. Fateh