More 30 gunmen from Beit Sahm Yalda and Babila turned themselves in to Competent Authorities

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, (ST) _  Some 103 gunmen from of Beit Sahm and Yalda and Babila towns in  Rural Damascus, who were involved in current events, yesterday  turned  themselves in  with their weapons to competent authorities to regularize their status.

According to a police command source, the regularization process was made  at endeavors of reconciliation committees in these towns after they pledged not to undertake any action that would prejudice the safety and security of the homeland.

However, other 788 gunmen surrendered to competent authorities during September in Madameyet Kalamoon, Maloula, Jbaadin, Jerod,Rahibh, Zabadani and Bassima while number of surrenderedgunmen was  801 during August from Madaya, Bassima,Zabadani, Kanaker and Beit Sahm towns.

Earlier,  in June 99 militants from Kesweh and  Babila towns surrendered  themselves and their weapons to the competent authorities while other  84 militants from Tell, Maloula, Jbaadin, Zakia, al-Tiebeh, Almqilbah and Ain Beida surrendered themselves, besides  number of persons fled compulsory military service reached 310 last April and  500, earlier  in March in a frequently repeated process  in  rural Damascus towns and villages.

T. Fateh