Athletic Festival in Sports City in Lattakia in support of President Bashar al-Assad

LATTAKIA,(ST)_ Sports Union in Lattakia held a varied athletic festival in support of the constitutional entitlement, and renewal of allegiance to the President Bashar al-Assad,and in support of the brave Syrian Arab Army.

The carnival included sports shows in gymnastics, martial arts and acrobatic movements,in addition to the sections of poetry and dance athletic artistry shows.

 The strongest show was the taekwondo team show,where he introduced two artistic performances displaying terrorism on the Syrian land and how it is by strength and determination of the Syrian Arab Army will be defeated.

The Syria Times accompanied the event and made interviews with the supervisors and participants in this festival, and their word was as follows:

The coach Esber Elias, the international referee for the Syrian national team of taekwondo ;said: we participate in this festival to deliver a message to the outside world that Syria is victorious in its people,its army and in its leader, so we offer this show on the occasion of the presidential election and in support of President   al-Assad.

Kasem Ibrahim,the doctor in the Physical Education Faculty, who provided two poems which supports  the President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Arab Army said :this festival is a part of the  athletes message and the athletes message is a part of the Arab people message, this feeling is a feeling of every noble towards the leader of Arabism, to guarantee the resistance line,the line of frees,and this work may not ascend to the masculine attitude for President Bashar al-Assad,but we offer it as a part of the faithfulness to him.

The international champion,Saer al-Taza,a member of the technical committee for gymnastics al acrobatic, and who presented two sports shows in the air said: I participate in the festival in support of the constitutional entitlement and because the Syrian flag  should remain hoisted whatever happens.


Lilian,Lattakia correspondent