Mikdad: Syria Fights Terrorism, army targets terrorists responsible for killing the Syrian People

Damascus, (ST) - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Faisal al-Miqdad stressed that Syria fights terrorism on its territory and the Syrian Army controls the battle which is not over yet, pointing out that Syria is currently witnessing a national reconciliation program,that will achieve victory against terrorism.

Miqdad said in an interview with the US Time Magazine that, " the message of the presidential elections candidates in Syria is to stop killing, terrorism and foreign interference and then think of a way of reconstruction, as slogans of the candidates‘s election campaigns."

On the circumstances of the election in the light of conditions in Syria Miqdad explained " I'm not saying that current conditions are the best for the elections, it absolutely is not, noting three conditions for the Syrians who wish to cast their votes outside Syria :a valid passport, a valid exit visa and a valid residence in the country concerned. "

Miqdad pointed out that the displaced Syrians can return to their country and cast their votes and leave out again if they wish to.

On the issue of the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria Miqdad said that more than 93 percent of the chemicals were taken out of Syria, and that necessary security measures have been taken to prevent terrorists from targeting convoys, carrying these chemicals, before removing from Syria.

On the possibility of holding a third conference in Geneva on the Syrian crisis Mikdad said that the Geneva Conference 2 did not fail, and” we have demonstrated full flexibility, but the other party came with a one point agenda, namely to hand over power.

Concerning the value of the loss and damage on the Syrian infrastructure Miqdad noted that the losses exceed 30 billion US dollars, stressing that, we will need a lot of resources for reconstruction, but the most important is the rebuilding of the social fabric in Syria.

On the UN draft resolution to refer the Syrian file to the International Criminal Court Miqdad, said that "the western countries, including France and Britain showed the Syrian armed opposition as swarm of angels, and these angels have proven themselves that they are terrorists and the Syrian government protects its people and struggles against terrorism ".

He stressed that the Syrian army is targeting terrorists because these terrorists, and their masters abroad, are responsible for the suffering and the killing of the Syrian people, with the aim of establishing an Islamic state, emphasizing “ sand we will not allow that to happen.


T. Fateh