Terrorists Target Hospital, Urban Areas and Gas Pipelines

PROVINCES,(ST)_At least nine civilians have been wounded by mortar attacks on al-Beroni hospital outside Damascus and on al-Mazra'a and al-Abaseyen quarters and al-Bakistan Street in Damascus.  

According to the official news agency (SANA), almost seven civilians were wounded when a shell –fired by terrorists- landed near al-Beroni hospital, which provides free services to patients with cancer.

The hospital, located in Harasta suburb outside Damascus, was hit by several shells on May 15th where a worker was martyred and two others wounded.

While in the capital [Damascus], three shells struck quarters of on al-Mazra'a and al-Abaseyen as well as al-Bakistan Street.

About two civilians were wounded and five cars were damaged by the mortar attacks, according to a police command source.

In another development, terrorists targeted two gas pipelines in al-Bayarat area to the west of Palmyra city.

Al-Bayarat station and Der Ezzour gas factory  stopped working due to  acts of vandalism.