Halaqi: Government is Responsible for Relief Efforts, to be Institutionally Performed

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Presiding over a meeting for the higher relief committee,  Prime Minister, Dr. Wael Halaqi yesterday renewed the government’s keenness to deliver relief and humanitarian aid for each Syrian citizen, wherever on the Syrian soil.
He stressed that the government fully cooperates with international organizations  specialized on humanitarian affairs, according to national Syrian principles, and provides medical and health services to all areas equally, including unsafe ones, on the ground of assigned legal and ethical responsibility.
He also stressed that the government is responsible for the relief file and that any relief work made through organizations or community-based initiatives must be completed institutionally and through participatory teamwork.

He pointed out that, in parallel with the relief efforts, the government is working for the rehabilitation of areas which restored security and stability, by the army and the armed forces, to facilitate the return of people to their areas and contribute to the cycle of social and economic development.
He indicated the desperate and continued attempts made by some countries hostile to Syria to exploit the relief issue in international forums, stressing that no one is entitled to exploit any file to find the justification for international intervention in the Syrian affairs and that Syria is a state of institutions and the Syrians will not allow anyone to interfere in their internal affairs.

For her part, Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shmammat gave a presentation on the latest developments in the relief file and mechanisms for the distribution of humanitarian aid, pointing out the need to provide the ministry and other sides concerned with the movement of warehouses and convoys, set quantities and needs and implementation of programs that are carried out in cooperation with international organizations.

T. Fateh