Sweida Celebrate Country National Option

On the occasion of the forthcoming presidential elections, the Baath Arab Socialist Party branch in Sweida and in cooperation with some educational activities and institutes, organized a celebration in the headquarters of the Women Arts Institute in the city.

The event began by the participants observing a minute of silence in honor of the martyrs ' souls, followed by the national anthem in addition to the inauguration of four art fairs. The activities of the ceremony also included national songs and speeches supporting Syria's legislative right in launching its presidential election as a sovereign state.

In a statement to Syriatimes reporter in the city, secretary of the party branch in Sweida, Shibli Janoud said that while celebrations of the country's presidential election go on, our people in Sweida have exerted intensive efforts expressing their full support and complete solidarity with their country legislative right in electing the president.

''Since the beginning of the crisis, sons of the city have recognized the  importance of the anticipated election as the only way out of the crisis and solution for spreading stability and security in all the homeland's territories. '' the secretary added, citing Sweida's sons firm national stances regarding support of the forthcoming elections and president Bashar al- Assad firm national stances in the face of the current global conspiracy which is targeting our homeland's independence and sovereignty.

He also referred to al- sweida citizens' national stances through out history , asserting their complete solidarity with their motherland Syria and president Bashar Al- Assad since the beginning of the crisis.

The party official concluded his statement by reiterating the governorate citizens full support for the presidential election, assured the citizens` insistence in electing president Bashar Al- assad for a new term in office.

 On her part, member of the party branch leadership, who is also head of the Youth's Bureau, Nilly al- Jammal, stated to Syriatimes correspondent that the youths in Sweida expressed full readiness to sacrifice their lives and spirits in defense of their country.

She also added that the organization of this celebration came within the youths keenness regarding support of the presidential elections and president Bashar Al- assad' steadfastness in the face of the current conspiracy.

 She also reiterated that the youth's option will be for president Basher Al- Assad for a new term in office due to the president's role in defeating the current hostile project and in building new Syria through the development process.

On a question about the crisis` effect on youths, the member said that the crisis is strengthening the youths' will and revealed their adherence to the national principles and charters.

It is to be noted that the fairs included more than 70 paintings and drawings made by the Institute's students in addition to artistic works and inventions relating to the students of the Industrial Institute.

Nahla Maaz for Syriatimes – Sweida Province.