Foreign Ministry Demands Human Rights Council in Geneva to Condemn Daraa Massacre

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ In a letter yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates demanded President of the Human Rights Council in Geneva to condemn the horrific massacre that took place in the city of Daraa on May 23, 2014.

The ministry stressed in its letter that this horrific massacre is an integral part of a series of deliberate crimes against the Syrians and their property, beliefs,culture and infrastructure of their country, with the aim to kill this civilization and turn Syria into a hotbed of terrorism and backwardness, noting that the Syrian cities are exposed daily to barrage of shells targeting schools, hospitals, houses of worship and any gathering of civilians in order kill the largest number of victims.

The Ministry added that these crimes come at the cover and direct support from several regional and international countries, particularly Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, Britain and the United States, noting that these countries sought to sow terror and obscurantist ideologies in Syria, believing they would be immune against it, as it has returned today to spread in the same countries that supported and fueled it, and that these countries are calling for to hold meetings and conferences to search for ways to prevent them from returning to their countries, they were sent from, of fear of the spread of obscurantist ideologies and terrorism in the countries. They accepted for the Syrian children what they did not accept for their children today.

The ministry added that some UN officials, led by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, are still walking according to the agendas set by those states, in issuing irresponsible statements and reports to achieve purposes of these countries, continue to distort facts and fueling the fire and the campaign against Syria, in full contravention with their duties in the quest to defend human rights with neutrality, in integration with their duties to encourage any positive step, including reconciliations cascading in various Syrian cities that serve to reach a peaceful solution, halting the bloodshed and restore security and stability to Syria.

T. Fateh