Homs Car Blasts Claim at Least 10 Lives

PROVINCES,(ST)_Double car blasts have torn through al-Zahra'a quarter in Homs city and on Homs-Tartous highway, killing at least 10 civilians and wounding  30 others, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency quoted a source at Homs governorate as citing that terrorists exploded a car bomb- parked near a busy Bus station- in al-Zahra'a quarter where about 10 civilians were martyred and 30 others wounded.

Twelve other civilians were wounded when a suicide terrorist exploded another car bomb under the bridge of Homs Refinery on Homs-Tartous highway.

The blasts caused widespread damages to cars, shops and houses in al-Zahra'a quarter causing  one-meter crater on the highway.

On April 29th, terrorists exploded a car bomb near al-Abaseyeh square in Homs city where almost 36 civilians, mostly children and women, were martyred.

Another terrorist attack was reported in the capital [Damascus] as a shell-fired by terrorists- landed in Aleppo Street in al-Abbaseyen area, wounding two civilians.

Moreover, terrorists detonated an explosive device attached to a private car in Jeb al-Safa town in al-Kesweh area outside Damascus.

The detonation caused damages to the car without casualties.

8 missiles hit M'hardeh city

While in M'hardeh city in Hama countryside, at least four civilians were wounded by a missile attack.

A source at Hama governorate was quoted on the official agency (SANA) as saying that eight missiles-fired by terrorists- struck the northern side of the city where four civilians were wounded.

One out of the four civilians was in a critical condition.