Syrian Arab Army Crushes Large Number of Terrorists on Several Fronts

PROVINCES,(ST)_For the second day running, army units eliminate a large number of terrorists in the northern and southern fronts in the country.

The official news agency (SANA) reported today that the army units struck terrorist groupings in more than 28 areas in and outside Aleppo province where large numbers of terrorists died.

It added that more terrorists, including ringleaders, from the so-called the 'Islamic Front' were killed when the army units shelled terrorist groupings in Me'azaf town and on the outskirts of Bzabour town and  Jabal al-Arba'en in Idleb countryside.

The strikes coincided with warding off armed terrorist groups' attacks on several garrisons in Ariha area in the same north-western province [Idleb].

Infiltration bids

There were also infiltration attempts by terrorists into Jadya town outside Daraa province and into a garrison to the west of al-Rastan dam in Homs countryside, according to military sources.

The army units foiled the infiltration bids and mowed down many terrorists.

They, in addition, targeted terrorist groupings in Daraa al-Balad and Selmin in southern Daraa province and in towns of Taldo and Kaferlaha in al-Holeh area outside Homs province.

Last night, the official agency said that the army units targeted a hideout for terrorist ringleaders near Maaret Mesrin town in Idleb countryside and crushed more than 10 terrorists who tried to cut Idleb -Lattakia road.

 On al-Salam highway in Khan al-Sheih area outside Damascus, an army unit eliminated yesterday many terrorists and confiscated weapons in an ambush.