President Assad: Russia Positions in Support of the Syrian People Embody its Commitment to Protect World Stability

DAMASCUS,(ST)_President Bashar al- Assad received yesterday a Russian government delegation headed by Dmitry Rogozin, Russia's Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and head of the Russian side in the Joint Committee of the Syrian-Russian trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation.

Talks during the meeting dealt with bilateral relations between the two countries and the importance of expanding the horizons of bilateral cooperation.

President al-Assad expressed appreciation for Russia's stances in support of the Syrian people in the war being waged against terrorism, especially in international forums, where certain countries seek intervention in the internal affairs of Syria and pointed out that these positions reflect the Russian leadership keenness to protect stability in the world.

The President added that the West is always trying to subdue the countries that do not accept its dominance through methods vary from time to time, but the most serious of these methods is to support extremism and terrorism in those countries in order to destabilize and weaken them. A matter which requires work on forming of an international trend to put pressure on terrorism sponsoring states to stop their practices and unify efforts to eliminate it because it is the greatest unlimited threat.

For his part, Rogozin stressed stability of the Russian position in strengthening the steadfastness of Syria and its full readiness to establish cooperation between the two sides in various fields, expressing the hope that the meeting of the Joint Commission between the two countries to be held very soon.

He added that the  West's policy toward Syria does not take into account the real interests of the Syrian people, stressing that the presidential election scheduled to take place in Syria is gaining great importance in the current circumstances, because it allows the opportunity for the Syrians to express their will and shape the future of their country away from foreign dictates.

In a statement following the meeting, Rogozin considered the West's policy towards Syria and its elections as " unethical and does not take into account the interests of the Syrian people, but seeks geopolitical goals manifested in the attempts to destabilize the situation and create a permanent state of chaos."

Rogozin called on those States to take a position similar to that of Russia and the countries that see no alternative to political dialogue away from the dictates and political games to determine who has the legitimacy to ensure safe conditions in Syria.

On the constitutional entitlement to elect the Syrian President on June 3d, he said : "The Syrian presidential elections take legitimacy from being conducted under the Syrian Constitution, and gain paramount importance in terms of national dialogue and reconciliation so that people to choose their legitimate president and express their will to stability and peace. "

Rogozin pointed out that sending MPs to keep up with the presidential elections in Syria is due to the cooperation between the two parliamentary bodies, adding that "even with the presence of observers, there will be future attempts to discredit the results of the presidential elections in Syria."

Rogozin pointed out that the Russian delegation visiting Syria, includes representatives of various Russian commercial and industrial enterprises and that discussions with the Syrian side dealt with issues related to the reconstruction of the Syrian economy and bilateral trade, technical, economic and scientific cooperation.


T. Fateh