Marathon at Tishreen University in Celebration of Presidential Elections

LATTAKIA,(ST)_ a marathon was organized in celebration of the forthcoming presidential elections due on June 3.

600 athletes participated in the marathon race.

The Syria Times made an interview with the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) Lattakia Branch secretary, Salah Daoud, who stated that such activities are considered as the minimum provided by sons of Tishreen University compared with Syrian Arab Army sacrifices, where the internal front of the Syrian Arab Republic supports the army and works to achieve the participation and engagement between the army and the people.

Daoud added that through the strong relationship  between the people and the leader and the army, victories will be achieved day after day,and Syria will return as a unified state and prosperous in all fields.

   Mr. Youssef Shahine,the head of Lattakia National Union of Students said that the event comes as a part of the election campaign and to deliver a message through Tishreen University students that we are conscious people,people are confident of himself and a lover of life,in addition to that we are people insisting to complete the march until the last road and until the last blood drop.

 Lin Deep from the Faculty of Physical Education, one of the committee,confirmed :that this marathon is a message that says : we are present despite of all what happens,and we come to emphasize the continuity of life in Syria through these events that we do as students.

The student Mustafa Darwish –Sports College-first year-the winner of the cup in the marathon,said: this cup is dedicated to Syria,President al-Assad,and to the Syrian Arab Army champions and to sports college.

Hadi Abboud-Civil Engineering Faculty said: we participate in the marathon  to support the constitutional entitlement and prove that we are present despite of all the circumstances.

Salam-Dental-said: we are here to renew our allegiance for President Bashar al-Assad, and we are going hand in hand with him to defeat terrorism, because we are confident that Syria will triumph with his wise leadership.

Lilian-Lattakia correspondent