Syrian Arab Army Breaks Aleppo Prison Siege, Recaptures Areas Outside Aleppo

PROVINCES,(ST)_Army units have broken a year-long terrorists' siege of Aleppo central prison and defeated terrorists from several areas outside Aleppo province.

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces declared yesterday that the army units had broken the terrorists' siege of the Aleppo central prison and recaptured the site of defense forces battalion to the north of the prison in the wake of inflicting big losses upon terrorist gangs there.

The fresh victory is important as it would help tighten the grip on pivotal points of terrorists in eastern and northeastern sides of Aleppo city and it cuts off supply routes for terrorists from the northern countryside of Aleppo towards the city, the general command said.

A day later, the army units regained control of al-Seif factory ,  building of the directorate of agriculture, MTN station, Somar restaurant, al-Jbeleh mosque and al-Ra'awan farms in Aleppo countryside.

The official news agency (SANA) reported that the said areas became under the army's control after eliminating all terrorist groupings there.

It quoted a military source as citing that the army units destroyed a convoy of cars for terrorists in the areas of al-Kastillo, al-Meselmeyeh and Mare'a  and continued targeting terrorist groupings in several restive areas in Aleppo and countryside.

Several 'Soqor al-Sham' ringleaders killed

At the same time, the army units killed several ringleaders from the so-called the 'Soqor al-Sham' brigades, which are affiliated to the Islamic front, in al-Zaweyeh mountain outside Idleb province and wiped out two arms dumps in Daraa countryside as well as thwarted  terrorists' attack on a garrison in al-Dar al-Kabira town outside Homs province where many terrorists died there.

In addition, terrorists of Saudi and Jordanian nationals were among those killed in concentrated operations against terrorist groupings in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus [al-Mliha town and Wadi Ein Tarma], Jobar, Duma, Jeroud and al-Rhibeh town outside Damascus.

B. Qaddour