Russia, China Thwart French UN Draft Resolution on Syria

Jaafari: Draft is Discriminatory Political Intervention Par Excellece

NEWYORK,(ST)_ Russia and China thwarted yesterday a French draft resolution at the UN Security Council calls for referring the Syrian file to the International Criminal Court after they used the "veto."

The Syrian permanent representative to the UN Dr. Bashar Jaafari, said in a speech to the Security Council after the vote that the displayed draft resolution is a discriminatory political intervention text par excellence aims to disrupt the presidential elections in Syria, shuffling papers and fueling the crisis, pointing out that the crisis in Syria, revealed the depth of the double standards on the mechanisms of the United Nations.

"We call upon the UN Security Council to hold the French government accountable for its crimes against the Syrians and the peoples of many countries occupied by the former French occupsation era and plundered its resources and call on the French government to make a public apology for the colonial era and to pay compensation for the Syrian people," Jaafari said, stressing that "the Syrian people will not forget the Sykes -Picot accord and the subsequent splitting of the Syrian Iskenderun and waiving it to Turkey in order mot to join the war alongside German, " so they said."

"The National Committee to investigate the events in Syria is still functioning in conjunction with the view of the Syrian judiciary since the start of the crisis in the thousands of lawsuits, and thirty thousand cases were settled, a matter which confirms the desire and the ability of the Syrian government to achieve justice and denies any pretext to engage any international judicial, trying to interfre in the Syrian national judiciary. "

Justice requires holding accountable the governments of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, Israel and other countries, openly inciting violence, terrorism in Syria

 al-Jaafari, Syria affirms that justice requires the accountability of governments of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, Israel and other countries that are inciting public violence and terrorism in Syria, including financing, arming, and training of thousands of mercenaries and terrorists coming from around the world to Syria and a blind eye to their crimes, rather described them as " moderate opposition ".

Jaafari stressed that " justice requires accountability for documented war crimes and crimes against humanity and acts of aggression and occupation committed by the Israeli occupation authorities in the occupied Arab territories, including the occupied Syrian Golan over nearly seven decades with the support of the permanent members of the UN Security Council," stressing that this support enabled the Israeli war criminals to escape impunity and so far blocked all initiatives to hold them accountable.

He stressed that justice requires to refrain from attempts to undermine justice and immunities which are summarized given to some major countries themselves to escape any accountability for their human rights violations and crimes committed by UN member states in order to implement colonial agendas, pointing out that Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade and the flooding Libya with blood, secret prisons plane, killing of innocent civilians, drone and practices of corporate mercenaries as " Blackwater " in Iraq and other vivid examples of the double standards and droping out real accountability and punishment.

Jaafari continued that terrorists cared about and sponsored by Israel in the buffer zone in the occupied Syrian Golan, given training and free movement in the region, bordering a neighboring Arab state, recruited and backed by Turkey in the north and armed by the governments of Arab and Western under the nose of the UN, should be fought."


T. Fateh