At Least Eight Civilians Wounded by Detonation of Explosive Device in Hassaka City

PROVINCES,(ST)_At least eight civilians have been wounded by detonation of an explosive device in al-Saleheyeh quarter in Hassaka city, to the northeast of the country, the official news agency (SANA) said on Thursday.

The agency clarified that the explosive device was detonated by terrorists, noting that two out of the eight wounded civilians were in a critical condition.

On April 13th, the same quarter witnessed a similar terrorist act that left two civilians wounded.

Yesterday, terrorists fired shells on several urban areas in Damascus and Aleppo provinces, killing a civilian and wounding 21 others.

Several shells hit Maysalon quarter in Aleppo city where a 13-year old boy was martyred and 11 other civilians wounded, a source at Aleppo governorate told the agency yesterday.

While in the capital [Damascus], the shells landed in al-Mazra'a, al-Qososr, al-Qassa'a and al-Dwel'a quarters.

Almost 10 civilians were wounded by the mortar attacks that also caused damages to several cars and shops at the scene.