Syrian Arab Army Eliminates Terrorist Bomb Experts Outside Idleb, Targets Terrorist Groups in Several Areas

PROVINCES,(ST)_Several  terrorist explosives experts have been killed outside Idleb amid reports of destroying a  grad missiles depot for terrorists in Lattakia countryside and striking terrorist groupings outside Homs, Daraa and Aleppo provinces.

According to the official news agency (SANA), the foreign explosives experts died when the army units targeted a factory for making missiles in Maaret al-No'aman area outside Idleb province.

A military source declared that two car bombs were destroyed in the same site.

"A third car bomb was destroyed by an army unit before reaching a garrison in  Kafr Najd area, the source added, noting that another army unit targeted  terrorist groupings in Mozra town in al-Zaweyeh mountain where many terrorists were killed and injured.

More terrorists, including non-Syrians, were mowed down in towns of Mashtal, Kikhya, Wadi al-Azraq, al-Rawda, al-Khadra'a, al-Delbeh, al-Shajara, al-Sakhra and Kasab  in the northern countryside of Lattakia.

A military source said that the army units wiped out a grad missiles depot, five cars equipped with heavy machineguns and missile launcher in the said towns.

Weapons-laden cars destroyed

Several cars loaded with weapons and munitions for terrorists were also destroyed by the army units in al-Mselmeyeh, Kafr Hamra, Kafr Da'el, al-Sekkari, al-Jandol, Andan, Handarat, Mare'a, Hritan, Hayyan and Maaret al-Artiq in Aleppo province.

In addition, the army units shelled terrorist groupings in southern countryside of al-Qusair outside Homs and dismantled three booby traps, weighted 50-60 kg, in Qermis town in al-Holeh area.

While in southern Daraa province, the army units foiled terrorists' infiltration bid into a garrison on the outskirts of Inkhel town and defeated terrorists from several buildings there.

Basma Qaddour