Syrian Arab Army Discovers Mass Graves in Homs Old City, Foils Infiltration Bids into Garrisons in Daraa and Quneitra

PROVINCES,(ST)_Combing operations in Homs old city have coincided with foiling terrorist groups' infiltration attempt into Sheikh Sa'eed area outside Aleppo and into garrisons in Daraa province and outside Quneitra, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency said today that mass graves, charred bodies, three field hospitals, network of tunnels and factory for making mortar shells and missiles were found during the combing operations in the quarters of Bab Hod and al-Qarabis in the old city of Homs.

The tunnels had been used by terrorists to shuttle among the quarters of the city, the agency clarified, adding that several explosive devices were defused there.

However, in Homs countryside, the army units shelled terrorist groupings and hideouts in the towns of Rhom, Em al-Rish and Salam Gharbi in the eastern side of the countryside and in al-Qunayterat town in Talbisa countryside.   

Many terrorists were killed and injured and two cars for terrorists were destroyed in the said towns.

Unrelenting strikes

More terrorists died when the army units struck their groupings in Aleppo old city, Hritan, Hayyan, al-Ramoseh, Kafr Hamra, al-Kastillo, al-Rashedin and on Sheikh Najjar-Brij axis as well as in the surrounding of the old customs  area, al-Bajabjeh quarter and on junction of Zemrin-Samlin in Daraa province.

Infiltration bid into Sheikh Sa'eed in Aleppo

The strikes synchronized with warding off an armed terrorist group's infiltration bid into the cement factory in Sheikh Sa'eed area outside Aleppo province.

Another infiltration bids by terrorist groups into garrisons in al-Mansheyeh quarter in Daraa al-Balad and in the surrounding of Nawa town and Tal Em Horan in Daraa province as well as on the outskirts of al-Qahtaneyeh town in Quneitra countryside were also thwarted by the army units.

Elsewhere, the army units shelled terrorist groupings in Bennesh and Sermin in Idleb countryside.