Syrian Arab Army Restores Stability and Security to Rankous Town in Al-Qalamon Area

PROVINCES,(ST)_Army units have restored stability and security to Rankous town outside Damascus, destroyed  67-meter long tunnel in Der Ezzour and struck terrorist groupings in Daraa, Idleb and Aleppo provinces.

Rankous town in al-Qalamon area outside Damascus became 'safe' after the army units had killed large numbers of terrorists there, according to the official news agency.

The new victory over terrorists groups coincided with pounding a hideout for terrorists at the western entry of Erbin town outside Damascus and eliminating 25 terrorists on the outskirts of the 'Ghber' mosque in the town.

Clashes in Der Ezzour

In addition, the army units clashed with armed terrorist groups in quarters of al-Hweqa, al-Reshdeyeh, al-Erfi, old airport, al-Ommal and 'Bor Sa'ed' Street in Der Ezour province and destroyed a 67-meter long tunnel in al-Jbeleh quarter in the city.

The tunnel was used by terrorists for conveying weapons and munitions, a source at Der Ezzour governorate said, adding that a terrorist grouping was wiped out in al-Mre'eyeh town.

While in Homs province, the army units thwarted armed terrorists groups' infiltration bid from al-Sa'en town into al-Mesherfeh town in the eastern countryside of the province.

Failed attacks  

Other attempts by armed terrorist groups to attack locals in Krom Bet Berro area in northern Aleppo province and a garrison in Daraa al-Balad were foiled, according to military sources.

The sources confirmed the death of many terrorists and destruction of weapons in several areas in Aleppo, Idleb and Daraa provinces when the army units targeted terrorist groupings there.

About 32 gunmen surrendered

In a separate development, the competent authorities regularized situations of 32 gunmen from the quarters of al-Hamedeyeh, Bab Tadmor, Bab al-Terkman and al-Qarabis in the old city of Homs.

Earlier, the gunmen turned themselves in to the competent authorities under national reconciliation process.