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Twin Car Bombs in Homs Kill at least 25 People

PROVINCES,(ST)_Two car bombs have exploded in central Homs province amid reports of mortar attacks in Damascus and Aleppo.

The official news agency (SANA) said today that twin car bomb blasts took place in al-Kheder Street in Karmelloz quarter in Homs city where at least 25 civilians, including women and children, were martyred and over 107others  wounded.

A source at Homs Governorate clarified that terrorists exploded the first car bomb after parking it near al-Badr sweets shop in the busy al-Kheder street and half an hour later they exploded the second car bomb in the same quarter.

A Cameraman for the official agency (SANA) was among those who were wounded in the second blast as he was filming the terrorist groups' attacks on innocent people.

On March 27th, a car bomb hit al-Arman quarter in the city of Homs where a civilian was martyred and 11 others  wounded.

Another car bomb blast took place in the same quarter [al-Arman] on March, 6, 2013, killing almost 13 civilians and wounding 30 others.   

Shells hit al-Kabbas quarter

Back to the other terrorist attacks elsewhere, the agency reported that two more civilians were wounded today by mortar attack on al-Kabbas quarter in Damascus province.

The said quarter was hit by two shells that left material damages to several cars and shops at the scene.

Last night, four shells struck the same quarter where two civilians were wounded and several cars were damaged.

In Aleppo province, a shell landed on the municipality palace causing material damages without casualties.