Pillay's Human Rights Briefing on Syria Biased: Al-Jaafari

NEW YORK-Syria's Permanent Representative at the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari has criticized the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay’s report accusing the Syrian government of human rights violations. He dismissed the report as absolutely incorrect and biased.

In a press conference following a Security Council meeting yesterday in which Pillay presented her brefieng on the situation in Syria, al-Jaafari said from the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, Pillay has been biased and has been part of the orchestra lead by influential Security Council member states in order to fabricate more unjust accusations against the Syrian government.

He clarified that Pillay hasn't been to Syria for the last three years and she has underestimated the information put forward by the Syrian government about the situation in Syria.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that Pillay didn't mention the takfiri groups who commit massacres against civilians in Syria and she intended not to refer to the attacks launched by Turkish-backed terrorist groups against civilians, mostly Armenians, in the Syrian town of Kasab.

"Pillay needed to shed light on these aggressive incidents and to provide justifications for the dangerous Turkish military aggression. She didn't talk about the Turkish government's role and involvement in these terrorist attacks and she never mentioned the important information provided by American Writer Seymour Hersh on the direct involvement of Erdogan's government in using chemical weapons in Damascus countryside in 2013, to provoke a US war on Syria" al-Jaafari said.

He added "the United States, France and Britain want Pillay today to be an integral part of the international political pressure on Syria and to call in a later stage for passing the Syrian file to the International Criminal Court."

"By doing this, she doesn't protect human rights, but allows some governments, particularly in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, to send more takfiri terrorists to Syria to kill civilians," he pointed out.

On Geneva peace talks, al-Jaafari said "we are waiting for the end of the consultations of the UN Syria Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi who hasn't provided any new suggestions to Syria yet."

 "Syria took part in the talks on the basis of attaining a political solution to the crisis in Syria led by the Syrians themselves and based on Kofi Annan plan and the Security Council resolutions, including Resolution No. 2118," al-Jaafari added.

Al-Jaafrai also affirmed the close alliance between the Turkish, Israeli, Qatari and Saudi authorities to challenge the Syrian government and send takfiri terrorists coming from 83 countries to Syria to commit atrocities against the Syrian people and state.

H. Mustafa