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Zoubi: Fighting Terrorism, to Defend Syria, the region and Arabism. Presidential Elections on Time

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Information Minister Omran Zoubi stressed that the firm will of the Syrian people, army and leadership is that the battle they are waging against international terrorism is not only in defense of Syria, but also of pan-Arabism and the region.

In an interview with Al-Manar TV yesterday the minister said that what is happening in Syria is a direct confrontation between the Syrian state and people and international terrorist organizations including al Qaeda in all its affiliates, noting that the Gulf, Turkish and western countries are providing the political cover and financial, military and intelligence support for these groups.

The minister explained that the blurring image that prevailed at the beginning of the aggression on Syria became clear and the truth is known by everyone, pointing out that the terrorist groups are losing supply routes and areas they had dominated in Syria.

The minister said that Syria ‘s state, army and people will continue fighting terrorism, besides carrying out constitutional requirements, including the presidential elections, adding that these elections will be held in all Syrian governorates according to the highest standards of transparency, impartiality and integrity.

He went on that implementation of these requirements is not inconsistent with a political solution to the Geneva process or internal national reconciliation, rather will enhance the cohesion of the state with all its institutions and its ability to carry out  national constitutional duties.

“The overwhelming majority of Syrians ask President Bashar al-Assad to continue to lead the country through the office of President of the Republic,” the minister said, noting that nomination for presidency will open in the last ten days of the month.

Zoubi denied any contacts with Qatar under the table, not through a broker or directly, on the ground of the Syrian leadership moral, humanitarian and national position maintained under the big title that “we do not sell the blood of Syrians who were killed in the conspiracy and the murderers will pay dearly for their crimes.”

The minister also denied any decision to prevent any media accredited by the Syrian National Media Council, according to the law, pointing out that it serves the interest of the state to accredit national and resistance channels which defend Syrian rights.


T. Fateh