Syrian Arab Army Kills 20 Terrorists in Ambush, Targets Terrorist Groupings in Aleppo and Homs

PROVINCES,(ST)_About 20 terrorists from the 'Islam Army' have been killed in an ambush in Damascus countryside, as military operations against terrorist groups have continued  there and in the provinces of Aleppo, Daraa and Homs.

The official news agency (SANA) said today that an army unit killed 20 terrorists, arrested several others  and seized weapons in an ambush in the industrial Adra area in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

It quoted a military source as citing that the Industrial Adra's locals cooperated with the army unit in monitoring the movements of the Islam Army-affiliated terrorist group that was trying to flee the eastern Ghouta towards Be'ar al-Qasab area to join training camps in Jordan.


Collapse of terrorists' morale

The source confirmed the collapse of the armed terrorist groups' morale in  eastern Ghouta due to the fact that the army units have clamped down on terrorists groups there.

On March 22nd, an army unit eliminated an armed terrorists group from al-Nusra Front in an ambush in the same area [the industrial Adra city]. The terrorist group had infiltrated from the Jordanian border.

While on February 26th, over 175 terrorists belonging to al-Nusra Front and the so-called the 'Islamic' brigade were killed in an ambush in  eastern Ghouta. Some of the terrorists killed in the ambush were of Saudi, Qatari and Chechen nationalities.

Several ringleaders killed

Back to results of today's military operations in Damascus countryside, the agency confirmed the death of several ringleaders of the so-called the 'al-Rahman' brigade, the 'Islamic Army' and 'Shohada'a Duma' battalions in al-Mliha town's farms, Ein Tarma, Duma and Jobar areas.

More terrorists were eliminated and injured in the clashes that flared up in Darayya and the industrial Adra areas and in the military operations in Khan al-Sheih,  surrounding of Zakyeh and al-Hseneyeh towns as well as in al-Sarkha town's farms, to the south-west of Yabroud city in al-Qalamon area.

Meanwhile, the army units targeted terrorist groupings and hideouts in several areas in Aleppo and Daraa provinces where many terrorists died, according to military sources.

A hideout for terrorists from the 'al-Qayyem' battalion near the 'al-Samdi' fuel station in al-Rastan city outside Homs province was also pounded today.

'Scores of terrorists and their ringleaders were crushed in the said area,' a source at Homs governorate said, adding that the competent authorities- in cooperation with locals, stormed a hideout for an armed terrorist group in al-Ghouta quarter in the city.

Competent authorities storm hideout

'A terrorist was nabbed and 29 grenades, 5 Russian rifles, several military guns and hi-tech walkie -talkies were seized in the hideout," the source said.

On the other hand, about 28 gunmen from the old city of Homs turned themselves in to the competent authorities.

Basma Qaddour