Turkish Party: Erdogan has embroiled Turkey in big problems through interfering in Syria and Libya

President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyib Erdogan has adopted provocative and aggressive policies inside and outside Turkey, Leader of the Turkish Workers Party Erkan Baş said in an interview on Saturday, calling on all Turkish democratic parties and forces to agree on a comprehensive national project that leads to getting rid of this regime.

Erdogan accuses all his opponents of terrorism and treason and of spying against Turkey, forgetting that "he is the terrorist and the enemy of the people" and that he is the one who has engaged Turkey in big problems externally, particularly through interfering in Syria and Libya and through supporting terrorist organizations there," Baş said.

He also held Erdogan responsible for the dangerous financial and economic situation in Turkey.

"Unemployment, poverty, hunger are among the most notable results of Erdogan's policies," he said, pointing out that the Turkish people will work to witness the defeat of Erdogan's  Justice and Development Party in the coming elections.

After involvement in supporting terrorism in Syria a new fraud scandal hits the Dutch government

After the scandal about his involvement in supporting terrorist organizations in Syria, a fresh scandal has been newly added to the black record of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte that led him to resign.

 Rutte's government stepped down on Friday after it emerged that officials had pursued thousands of people over welfare fraud, the New York Times reported.

Rutte called a Cabinet meeting in The Hague where ministers had to make up their minds on quitting just two months before a planned general election. Following the meeting, Rutte informed King Willem-Alexander of the government's resignation.

The Dutch tax office had accused thousands of families of fraudulently claiming child welfare payments between 2013 and 2019. It demanded repayments of tens of thousands of euros, driving many families into financial ruin and, in some cases, divorce.

Refa’at affirms the close relationship between America, Turkey, Israel and terrorist organizations

Cairo (ST): Head of the Egyptian Nasserite National Al-Wifaq Party, Mohammad Refa’at, affirmed that the terrorist organizations in Syria are tools to serve the Zionist-American scheme in the region, stressing that there is a close relationship between the American, Turkish and Israeli occupation forces on the one hand  and these organizations on the other.

In a statement he made today, Refa’at said that the repeated Zionist attacks on Syrian territories and their coincidence with the attacks of the terrorist organizations confirm the close relationship between terrorism and its makers and financiers (the United States and the Turkish regime). He added that these attacks also prove that America is the supporter and protector of Zionist interests.

The occupation forces close the entrances of the village of Al-Tawana, south of Hebron

Occupied Jerusalem (ST): The Israeli occupation forces stormed today the village of Al-Tawana, south of Hebron in the West Bank, and closed all its entrances.

The Coordinator of the Popular Committee for Resisting the Wall and Settlement in South Hebron, Ratib Al-Jabour, told Wafa news agency that the occupation forces closed the entrances of the village and prevented Palestinians from leaving or entering it.

A number of Palestinians injured by the occupation's suppression of an anti-settlement demonstration north of Ramallah

Occupied Jerusalem (ST): A Palestinian youth was injured and others were suffocated today as a result of the Israeli occupation forces suppressing  an anti-settlement demonstration in Al Mugair village, north of Ramallah in the West Bank.

Wafa news agency reported that the occupation forces fired bullets, sound bombs and poisonous gas towards the participants in the demonstration which was staged  in protest against the establishment of a new settlement outpost on their lands in the Al-Qala' neighborhood, east of the village, which led to the injury of a young man  and several suffocation cases.

Al Mugair has been subjected to daily attacks by the occupation forces and extremist settlers, with the aim of seizing its lands and displacing its people.