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Israeli occupation detains three Palestinians in different West Bank areas

The Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday detained three Palestinians in different parts of the West Bank

WAFA news agency reported that the occupation forces raided the city of Al-Bireh and the town of Al-Tur in occupied Al-Quds as well as Kherbet Al-Fariseyeh area in the Northern Jordan valley and detained three Palestinians.  

On Monday, the occupation forces also detained 28 Palestinians in the West Bank.

Slovak academic: US policies towards Syria impede reaching a political settlement in the country

Slovak university professor František Shakvranda has stressed that the presence of the US occupation troops in Syria is illegal as it flagrantly violates the international law.

In an article published on Tuesday, the Slovak academic also warned against the destructive role being played by the Turkish occupation in Syria, pointing out that this occupation keeps supporting terrorist organizations in the country and continues, along with the United States, to loot and smuggle Syria’s oil.

He indicated that the American policies towards Syria impede reaching a political solution to the crisis in the country.

Palestinian Prisoners Association warns of deterioration of health condition of Prisoner Baher Asha

The Palestinian Prisoners Association has warned of the deterioration of the health condition of Prisoner Baher Asha due to the arbitrary practices of the Israeli occupation authorities against him, foremost of which is deliberate medical negligence.

The Association said in a statement today, reported by Wafa news agency, that the prisoner Asha, who has been in detention since 2002, underwent an open heart operation about a month ago and suffered from complications that pose a threat to his life as a result of the occupation authorities ’failure to provide him with the necessary treatment.

Palestine FM: Israeli violations show contempt for the international community

On April 12th, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the failure of the international community and the weakness of its positions and responses to the settlement crime encourage the Israeli occupation to continue its crimes against the Palestinians.

The Foreign Ministry condemned the escalation of Israeli settlers' attacks on the Palestinians, their land, property and holy sites with the protection of the Israeli occupation forces.

Eight Egyptian parties call for the immediate lifting of the coercive Western economic measures imposed on Syria

Cairo, (ST) - Eight Egyptian parties called for the immediate lifting of the unilateral coercive Western economic measures imposed on Syria, stressing that these measures are a flagrant violation of international law and threaten international peace and security and put the lives of Syrians at an increased risk.

The parties said in a letter they addressed to the President of the European Parliament and the European Union institutions and delivered to the European Union’s representation in Cairo, that, “the global war against the Syrian state has gone beyond ten years, and it is a war that targeted its capabilities, wealth, infrastructure and national institutions. It is also well known to everyone that, this war against Syria did not take into consideration the exceptional circumstance that the whole world is going through like the spread of the new Corona epidemic, which posed a threat to many societies and required international cooperation to confront it.”  They also said that this war, which was conducted by international and regional powers, targeted the unity of Syria.