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Bortnikov: Syria has undermined ISIS combat capabilities

MOSCOW, PETERSBURG, (ST)_ Director of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), Alexander Bortnikov, has underscored that Syria has succeeded in striking the terrorist organization of ISIS [ Its Arabic acronym is DAESH]and undermining its combat capabilities as well as destroying its organizational structure.

Archbishop Hanna demands an end to the Israeli occupation crimes against the Palestinian people

On April 15th, the Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna called on the international community to take immediate action to stop the crimes of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, their land and their sanctities.

“The occupied city of Jerusalem is in grave danger as a result of the Israeli attacks that aim to eradicate its cultural history, Judaize it, and displace its residents,” WAFA News Agency quoted Archbishop Hanna as saying.

Archbishop Hanna stressed that these attacks will not deter the Palestinian people from continuing their steadfastness on their land and protecting their Islamic and Christian sanctities.


O. al-Mohammad

Prisoners Affairs Association warns of deterioration of health condition of Palestinian prisoner Abu Thraia

The Palestinian Prisoners and Executives Affairs Association has warned of the deterioration of the health condition of Prisoner Sharhabeel Abu Thraia as  a result of the arbitrary practices of the Israeli occupation against him, foremost of which is deliberate medical negligence.

The Association clarified in a statement today reported by Wafa news agency that the 49-year old prisoner suffers from a weak heart muscle and is in urgent need of surgery and he also suffers from many multiple diseases.

About 4,500 Palestinian prisoners inside the occupation prisons face harsh conditions of detention, as 1,800 prisoners suffer from multiple diseases due to the spread of epidemics. Among the prisoners,  about 700 prisoners need urgent treatment, especially cases of cancer, kidney failure and paraplegia.


Inas Abdulkaree

Erbil airport attack carried out by a drone

On April 14th, an Iraqi security source revealed that the headquarter of the American forces at Erbil International Airport was attacked by a drone.

The source stated that a drone had carried out the attack, indicating that the security authorities were continuing to investigate the circumstances of the attack and the results of it.

An Iraqi security source announced earlier that the Erbil International Airport had been targeted in northern Iraq with missile strikes.

A number of people were injured in mid-February, after targeting the vicinity of Erbil International Airport in northern Iraq with a number of missiles.


O. al-Mohammad


In her weekly dialogue, Helga Zepp LaRouche made an impassio١ned appeal to viewers to join with her in addressing the dangerous moral collapse which characterizes virtually every western government, including the United States. This collapse poses a threat to everyone, as the crisis in Ukraine continues to build toward a war between Russia and the forces of the U.S. and NATO. The possibility of a Biden-Putin summit is a positive development, but at the same time it was announced, his foreign policy team was voicing full support for the fanatical extremist wing of domestic forces in Ukraine, which is pushing to cross the “red line” announced years ago by Moscow, that of placing NATO troops on the Russian border of Ukraine.

She also emphasized the urgency of lifting the so-called Caesar Sanctions against the people of Syria, citing the appeal of Cardinal Zenari to end the sanctions. There is nothing “humanitarian”, she stated, in starving children and shutting down hospitals and medical care, based on another fraudulent narrative cooked up by U.K.-U.S. regime change networks. We must insist that every policy maker who does not speak up against this fraud is complicit in every death which occurs in Syria, and in Yemen.




Haifaa Mafalani