Eight Iraqis are killed and 15 others were injured in two suicide bombings in Baghdad

On January 21st, a terrorist bombings  targeted the Al-Bala and Al-A’askry markets in the center of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. casualties were recorded at  28 dead and 73 injured.

Major General Kazim Yohan, Director of the Iraqi Civil Defense, said that the number of victims of the two terrorist bombings has so far reached 28 martyrs and 73 wounded.

For his part, Major General Yahya Rasool, spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, said in a statement that “two suicide bombers blew themselves up when pursued by the security forces in the Bab Al-Sharqi district in Baghdad this morning, which led to a number of martyrs and wounded among civilians.”

O. al-Mohammad 

China calls for removing unilateral Western coercive measures against Syria

China called for removing  unilateral coercive measures against Syria at an early date as the economic and humanitarian difficulties in Syria, to a large extent, are the result of the economic blockade and other unilateral coercive measures.

During a Security Council video session on the situation in Syria on Wednesday,  China's permanent representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, confirmed that the Western coercive measures imposed on Syria have directly affected the lives of Syrians and obstructed the arrival of medical supplies and services to them.

The fifth session of the Constitutional Committee will convene in Geneva next week. China hopes that the Syrian government and the opposition will work under the framework of the committee and use dialogue to resolve differences, broaden consensus, and promote substantial progress in relevant work, he said.

Uzbekistan: Arrest of members of terrorist cell that finances terrorists in Syria

Security forces in Uzbekistan have arrested a terrorist cell that includes a number of extremists who collected funds and sent them to terrorist organizations in Syria.

“The Ministry of Interior and State Security forces have arrested a number of extremist terrorists who established a group on the Telegram website and were collecting money for allegedly restoring mosques and homes of those affected by the floods in the Sardopa area, but they sent them to Syria to support terrorists there,” the press service office of Syrdaria region administration said in a statement today.

The statement indicated that two of the organizers of this group were promoting  extremist ideas of terrorists among people and through social networks.

Antonov: Russia and the United States can cooperate in Syria provided that its sovereignty is respected

On January 21st, the Russian Ambassador to the United States of America Anatoly Antonov said that Russia and the United States could cooperate in Syria in the field of combating terrorism, the return of the displaced and providing humanitarian aid, as long as  Syria's sovereignty is respected.

Antonov stated  in a statement to Sputnik that it might be useful to identify areas in which Moscow and Washington could cooperate in Syria.

Takht Rawanji calls for the abolition of the unilateral economic embargo measures imposed on Syria

On January 21st, Iran's permanent representative to the United Nations Majid Takht Rahwanji said that the unilateral economic embargo measures imposed on Syria are illegal and inhuman, calling for their immediate abolition.

“ The unlawful unilateral embargo measures imposed by America and some other countries on the Syrian people come at a time when these people are suffering from the spread of the Coronavirus, in addition to preventing the return of refugees to their homes, and preventing reconstruction, ”Fars News Agency quoted Rawanji as saying in his speech delivered during the meeting of the UN Security Council on political developments and humanitarian affairs in Syria.

Rawanji pointed to the importance of the Astana process in helping to crystallize the political process in Syria.

Regarding the meeting of the Constitution Discussion  Committee, Rawanji said that the activities of this committee should be without any external interference and pressure or setting any artificial deadline for the end of its work.

With regard to the war on terrorism,Rawanji said that the existence of terrorist groups and their criminal activities not only threaten the security and territorial integrity of Syria, but also pose a threat to regional peace and security.

Rawanji said that America, by occupying parts of Syria, is still violating its territorial integrity and is pursuing its illegal geopolitical interests, including support for some terrorist groups.

Rawanji condemned the continued attacks of the Zionist entity against Syria and called for an immediate cessation of such provocative actions.

Rawanji concluded by affirming the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran to stand with the Syrian government and people in order to overcome the threats of terrorism and foreign occupation, and to work for reconstruction and ensure the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian lands.

O. al-Mohammad