Egyptian Association Supported Syria against Terrorism, Extremism

CAIRO,(ST)_ The delegation representing  the Association of victims of abductions in Egypt extended  a message of solidarity with Syria , stressing firm stand  with Syria and its people who are exposed to the worst forms of terrorism at the hands of enemies of humanity. The message was handed over to Syria's  charge de affairs in Cairo Infouan al-Naeb yesterday.

The association  founder and  human rights activist Abram Louis  stressed "the  Association sympathy and support to Syria and its people, whose  children, women and elderly have been  killed at the hands of the enemies of humanity , besides  the forced displacement of hundreds of families" .

"We pray for the people of Syria who face weapons of terror and violence in the name of religion , for the unity of the Syrian lands  and the holy places that  are violated every day, for the human heritage devastated by vandals and for the immediate release  the two bishops Paul Yazigi Bishop of Aleppo  for the Greek Orthodox  church Bishop and John Abraham of  Aleppo Syriac Orthodox church , "  the message read.

Egyptian thinker Kamal Zakher said  that what is happening in Syria is a war by Arab regimes and regional and international powers that want to find a place to control the region, adding  that  the true labeling to what is happening in the Arab region is the " Arabic fall " the price of which is paid by  Arab people 's  security and stability and that religion is used as a cover to create discord and strife among its people  to serve the enemies of the Arab nation.

For his part, human rights activist SharifRamzy said : "We carry a message of solidarity with the Syrian people, "pointing  out that the Association will convey  the true picture of what is happening in Syria and the correct image promoted by the misleading media of the  Gulf petrodollars.

The Syrian Charge de affairs in Cairo told  the delegation that Syria is fighting a war against terrorism, intending  to destroy Syria in implementation of Western and Zionist enemy  schemes, pointing out that Syria's  people , army and leadership  steadfastness will deter  terrorism and the forces of darkness .

"what unites the two brotherly peoples in Syria and Egypt of relations and links throughout  history is stronger than any decisions intended to create separation and estrangement between them, "  the Syrian diplomat said.
The  letter of solidarity with Syria  was signed by more than forty human  rights , political and media figures  from Egypt , the United States, Canada and Sweden.

T. Fateh