Terrorism Rocks Lebanon…At Least 23 Martyrs in Two Explosions in Beirut

BEIRUT- At least 23 people were killed and 146 were injured in two explosions that hit south of Beirut near the Iranian embassy, according to al-Manar Website.

Among the martyrs was the Iranian embassy cultural Adviser, Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ansari, Iranian Ambassador in Lebanon Ghadanfar Roknabadi confirmed.

Al-Manar correspondent quoted security sources suggesting that the first explosion was carried out by a suicide bomber on a motorbike who blew himself up in the place, and upon the flowing of citizens and security personnel in charge of protecting the Iranian and Yemeni embassies in the region to inspect what happened, another suicide bomber stormed the place with his car, causing significant damage in lives and property.

The Iranian embassy announced that the Iranian Ambassador was safe and that the embassy wasn't targeted in the explosion. 

Media footages broadcast harrowing pictures of wounded people being carried from the scene of the blast in Bir Hassan.


Ambulances with their sirens wailing rushed the injured to nearby hospitals.

The force of the explosion shattered windows and set fire to several cars in the area.

The Iranian Ambassador in Beirut, Ghadanfar Roknabadi accused the Zionist entity of being behind Beirut blasts which aim at undermining the security and stability of Lebanon and the entire region.

"This terrorist blast serves the Zionist entity schemes," he said

"We are proud to be ahead in the front confronting the Israeli schemes," he added.

The Iranian foreign ministry also accused the Israeli mercenaries of carrying out this terrorist attack.

H. Mustafa