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Bernard: The military agreement with the United States is dangerous and targets Russia

Bratislava (ST): Deputy Speaker of the Slovak Parliament Juraj Bernard stressed that the military agreement that the Slovak government wants to sign with the United States is dangerous and targets Russia, as it opens the way for American forces to approach the Russian borders.

In an interview with the Slovakian Marchesa channel, Bernard refused to turn Russia into an enemy of his country, pointing out that the deployment of US forces at two military airports in Slovakia in accordance with the agreement would expose it to a geopolitical conflict.


Meanwhile, hundreds of Slovaks demonstrated in front of the US embassy in Bratislava yesterday, rejecting this agreement, and raised slogans saying, "We will not extradite Slovakia".

The Slovak government agreed last week that this agreement would be signed with the US side, but its entry into force will require the ratification of the Slovak Parliament, and then the ratification of President Zuzana Chaputo.