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Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water affirms that Gas supplied to Lebanon will be from Egypt

Beirut, (ST) - The Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water has categorically denied what was reported in some media of the Israeli occupation entity about “the United States’ approval of an agreement to supply Israeli gas to Lebanon.”

The Ministry confirmed, in a statement on Sunday, reported by the Lebanese National News Agency, that "the gas supply agreement that it is working on between the Lebanese government and the sisterly Egyptian government clearly and explicitly states that the gas supplied to Lebanon will be from Egypt, which owns large quantities of it.

 “Egypt will secure a small part of its production for Lebanon," and the size of its market, and this gas will pass through Jordan and then to Syria, where the end of the line will benefit from it”, the Ministry said.

“The gas also will be supplied according to the transit and exchange agreement, to reach the Deir Ammar station in the north for additional electricity supply to Lebanon,” the Ministry added.

The Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water stressed that everything that is being circulated about the fact that “the gas will be Israeli gas is totally false.”

A ministerial meeting between Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt in the Jordanian capital Amman last September reached an agreement to transfer Egyptian gas and Jordanian electricity to Lebanon through Syrian territories.

Raghda Sawas