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Palestinian Foreign Ministry: Israeli occupation authorities endeavor to implement their plans

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned that the international community's continued silence on the occupation's expansion of its settlement operations in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially in the city of Jerusalem, undermines the chances of reaching a settlement of the Palestinian issue.


 “The occupation authorities are racing against time to implement their colonial settlement plans in the occupied state of Palestine in an attempt to impose major changes on the historical, legal and demographic reality existing in the West Bank and to close the door permanently to any opportunity to establish a Palestinian state on the line of  4 June 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital,” Wafa News Agency quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying in a statement today.

The Foreign Ministry indicated that the occupation’s settlement plans target the largest area of West Bank lands and are concentrated in occupied Jerusalem and its surroundings with the aim of completing the huge settlement barricade that separates the holy city from its Palestinian surroundings with the aim of completely Judaizing it.

The Foreign Ministry once again called on the international community to work to provide protection for the Palestinian people by putting pressure on the occupation to stop its settlement plans and its continuing crimes against them.

Inas Abdulkareem