Erdogan's regime arrests one of the founders of the opposition Democratic and Progress Party

Ankara, (ST) - The Turkish regime arrested Metin Gürkan, one of the founders of the opposition Democracy and Progress Party, on charges of “political and military espionage.”

Turkish media reported on Tuesday that Gürkan was placed in temporary detention last night, after being detained pending investigations since last Friday.

 Gurkan had written in a tweet before his detention pending investigation, "I am arrested on charges of political espionage. I am shocked and I ask for support."

Ali Babacan, the leader of Gurkan's Democracy and Progress Party, told the private Haberturk channel that, "our information indicates that Gurkan does not have any access to classified documents because he simply does not work for the state."

It is noteworthy that Gürkan, a former military man and a well-known expert in defense affairs in Turkey, criticized, through analysis  published in a number of periodicals, the policies pursued by the Turkish regime's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which immersed Turkey  into successive crises at various political and economic levels.

Raghda Sawas