Lebanese Protesters close a number of roads in some Lebanese regions

Beirut, (ST) - Sit-ins and the closure of public roads renewed in a number of Lebanese regionson Monday especially in Beirut, Tripoli and Sidon due to the deteriorating living conditions.

The Traffic Control Room reported that this morning, protesters closed some roads in Beirut with waste containers, obstacles and stones, as well as closing traffic on the Zouk Highway towards Beirut. The protesters closed the Minieh Highway in both directions.

 In Tripoli, the protesters closed roads in some main and sub streets with burning tires, waste containers and stonesconcurrently with a heavy deployment of the Lebanese army. The protesters also closed a number of roads in the city of Sidon in the south.

Since October 17, 2019, many Lebanese regions have witnessed demonstrations and sit-ins protesting the deteriorating living and economic conditions and demanding the fight against corruption in the country.

Raghda Sawas