Lahoud condemns the terrorist bombing of a bus in Damascus

Beirut (ST): Former Lebanese MP Emile Lahoud condemned the terrorist bombing that targeted a bus in Damascus a few days ago, stressing that the Zionist entity is behind this terrorist attack and other attempts to target Syria, because it is the first victim of its stability.

In a statement to news reporter in Beirut, Lahoud confirmed that Syria's war on terrorism is nearing its end, and this is what made the terrorists and their supporters try by all means to harm Syria and its people, but this people, who has held out for more than ten years despite the heinous crimes committed against them, will not be satisfied in the face of all these desperate attempts.

14 martyrs were killed and a number of people were injured last Wednesday as a result of the terrorist detonation of two explosive devices that targeted a military overnight bus as it passed near the President Bridge in Damascus.