Lebanon: The number of victims of the Tayouneh events has risen to 7

Beirut (ST): The number of victims of the attack perpetrated by Lebanese Forces militants in the Tayouneh area in Beirut yesterday rose to seven.


The Lebanese Al-Manar channel reported that more than sixty people were wounded by sniper bullets, and many of them are still in hospitals for treatment.

A previous toll indicated that the number of victims of the attack was six, in addition to more than 30 demonstrators.

Meanwhile, the head of the Al-Karama Movement, Lebanese MP Faisal Karami, denounced the attack on peaceful demonstrators, and said in a statement, "The massacre that targeted the stability and unity of the country by targeting peaceful demonstrators aims to drag Lebanon into strife in the context of a suspicious scheme."

The head of the Lebanese Popular Movement, MP Mustafa Hussein, also condemned the armed attack on the demonstrators in the vicinity of the Palace of Justice and demanded to expedite the investigation and reveal the planners, perpetrators and instigators and hold them accountable in order to preserve security and ward off sedition.