Syria participates in the United Nations conference on sustainable transport

Damascus- (ST): With the participation of about 50 countries, including Syria, the work of the second United Nations World Conference on Sustainable Transport via video conferencing, which which is being hosted by the Chinese capital, Beijing, kicked off today. 


During the conference, stress will be laid on the importance of transport as an artery linking world countries and civilizations and the need for solidarity and international cooperation towards sustainable transport issues, contributing to assisting developing countries, providing the necessary support and financing for development projects in those countries, inviting the private sector to participate and providing resources, technology and renewable energies in sustainable transport patterns. 

The conference, which is attended by the Minister of Transport, Eng. Zuhair Khuzaym, also addressed the impact of the “Covid 19” pandemic on sustainable transport and its impact, which led to a decline in the application of established programs, especially in sustainable transport, to reach the goals set for sustainable development 2030.