Lebanese politicians: The Lebanese forces militants committed a massacre that should not be tolerated

Beirut (ST): The meeting of the Lebanese national parties, forces and personalities condemned the massacre committed by the Lebanese Forces militia against the peaceful demonstrators who came out to express their stand rejecting the politicization of the investigation into the explosion in the port of Beirut.


The meeting clarified  in a statement that the crime was aimed at dragging Lebanon into the civil war in implementation of American plans and orders and in service of the Zionist enemy, pointing out that there was a prior intention to commit the massacre by deploying snipers on the roofs of buildings surrounding the roads used by peaceful demonstrators and targeting innocent participants by shooting them in the head.

The meeting called on the security and judicial agencies not to tolerate the killers whose names are known ,starting with those who issued orders, incited, planned, executed -all should be brought tto justice and  the most severe penalties imposed against them on charges of starting a civil war, which falls under the charge of high treason.

In turn, the Free Patriotic Movement stressed that what happened is an armed and unacceptable attack on people who wanted to express their opinion. Therefore, the judicial and security authorities have a duty to reveal the identity of the criminals who shed blood and bring them to trial in a speedy, transparent and fair manner, because they were preparing sedition that had been ended.

The movement renewed its support for the judicial investigation into the bombing of Beirut Port, and to covering all aspects of the crime, without contenting itself with administrative and occupational negligence, while not politicizing the investigation. 

For his part, the head of the Marada Movement, Suleiman Franjieh, called on the security forces to do their part to control the situation, punish criminals, and maintain the security and safety of citizens.