Several dead and scores wounded in shooting at demonstrators in Beirut

The death toll from shooting today at demonstrators heading to the Palace of Justice in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, in condemnation of the decisions of the investigative judge in the port bombing file, has risen to six, while more than 30 other demonstrators were injured.

The Lebanese National News Agency said that a state of tension prevailed in the Tayouneh area in Badaro, with sporadic shooting continuing amid the spread of army units in the area.

Director of Emergency at Al-Sahel Hospital, Maryam Hassan, announced in a television interview that one dead and eight wounded had arrived at the hospital following the shooting in the Tayouneh area.

Other media sources pointed out that the initial account of what happened speaks of the presence of snipers who opened fire on the demonstrators, causing casualties and injuries.

Inas Abulkareem