An American attack targets Iraqi forces confronting terrorist organizations on the border strip with Syria

Baghdad (ST): An American air attack targeted the headquarters of Iraqi forces that are securing the Syrian-Iraqi border strip from terrorist organizations.

A source in the Popular Mobilization Forces in Anbar Province said in a telephone conversation with a news reporter in Baghdad that warplanes and drones directed four missiles at the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization regiments that are securing the Syrian-Iraqi border strip.


The source explained that the attack resulted in damage to three cars and four thermal cameras that monitor terrorist movements across the border, but did not indicate any casualties as a result of the aggression.

The American forces that claim to fight terrorism have always given the terrorists immunity and prevented their elimination by targeting the forces that confront them and fight them, whether in Syria or Iraq, where several local sources confirmed last August that the American army had transferred dozens of ISIS terrorists during the past months from the prisons of the city of Hasakeh, which is controlled by the SDF, to the areas it occupies in Syria, after arming them and providing them with logistical support to carry out terrorist operations against residential communities, sites of the Syrian Arab Army and public facilities.